Our Family Favorites

Everyone has their favorites... here are ours:

Pawandeep: Paneer Jalfrezi

This classic dish features an assortment of mixed vegetables in a very savory yellow curry sauce  made with coconut milk. The Paneer (Indian cheese) is an addition; we also offer Tofu, Fish, Lamb, or Chicken. 

All India Cafe's Paneer is unique in that we make it fresh, in the restaurant, and never, ever buy it pre-made.

Suneha: Masala Dosa

This South Indian specialty is a crispy crepe made with rice and lentil flour, and filled with spiced potatoes. It's always served with sambar & coconut chutney for an unforgettable flavor.

Harsimran: Fish Tikka (Salmon)


Mildly marinated fresh fish of the day served with tomatoes & onions. A protein-packed, Omega-3 rich delight.

Parminder: Saag Paneer & Shahi Paneer


Some customers love to add chicken, lamb, shrimp, or tofu to our Saag (spinach) Paneer. Our Shahi Paneer is a very creamy sauce, made completely from scratch. We cook the Paneer with freshly peeled tomatoes, and our homemade, fresh ginger & garlic paste for hours to get the amazing taste you know and love. (Shown above with tofu)

Santokh: Tandoori Platter


Sizzling chicken (tikka & tandoori) sheesh kebab & boti kebab, with naan. What more could you ask for?!

What is your go-to dish on our menu that you never stray from?