1 of KCET's 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Pasadena

All India Cafe
All India Cafe offers some of the slightly harder to find Indian dishes from the South, like masala dosa, a crispy crepe made from fermented rice and lentil flour and stuffed with spiced potatoes, lentils, and coconut chutney. Not to mention some harder to find street food, like a lamb frankie, India’s answer to a burrito with a handmade chewy flour tortilla stuffed with lamb masala, two chutneys, and marinated onions. Other complex street foods you can find are bhel puri, a mix of crispy puffed rice, potatoes. and crispy chickpea flour noodles dressed with tart lime juice and sweet tamarind chutney. Vegans will be ecstatic to learn that All India Cafe caters especially to them, eschewing traditional meat and cream heavy popular favorites like chicken tikka masala and doing a “Tofu Tikka Masala” instead, made with coconut milk.
— KCET.com

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